We start training again!

Dear Nakamas/possibly new members,

We are forced to wait to give full-contact sports, but we do offer alternatives! Are you interested in a trial lesson?

Mail to and we will ensure that you can still run a trial lesson, but in a slightly different setting than what you are used to.

Below we will add part of the newsletter, for those who have not received it and/or new members who are curious about the possibilities. We have omitted the registration link, but it is available when you are interested in it.

Dear Nakamas

We're back! But now also with good news for the adults. Unfortunately, contact sport is still prohibited, but we have found solutions to be able to train! We would like to ask you to read this email as carefully as possible. For questions you can always whatsapp to 0630254475 or email to

It is important that we know how many people we are with, to be able to coordinate this properly it is now mandatory to register for the training. Make sure that you only register if you are sure that you can and will participate in the lesson, in this way we ensure that as many members as possible can train and that every lesson is used as best as possible. Remember that if you don't register and you land on the gamble, there's a big chance that you won't be able to train. The new schedule is in the registration system, so this is a different schedule than usual!

Classes will as probably be known to everyone, will be outdoors, make sure you dress for the weather. For how we are now, the lessons will also continue if it rains or if it has to storm storms and become dangerous, but we don't assume that. And if you're in doubt about coming because it's raining, just remember 'between the raindrops it's dry'!

Because we want to offer you some extra relaxation in the corona times, we are proud to inform you that we will also offer Yoga from Sunday 17 May! We were already planning this, but the idea has shifted somewhat. The lessons will take place every Sunday morning from 9 to 10. These lessons can also be found in the online registration system. Pay attention! Do you want to participate in this? Then make sure you bring your own yoga mat or towel.

The youth classes of Wednesday/Friday/Saturday do not have to register for the training, this class is 'unlimited'.

The podcast training sessions will be completed after this week, because we can offer a full bin of custom classes again. Not as desired, but more than hoped for.

A few more standard, but important announcements;

* Stay home if you have a cold or flu

* 13 years or older? Keep 1,5 meters away

* Bring a bottle? Make sure it's filled!

* Come as much as possible on foot or by bike (if this is absolutely necessary, you can park in the evening at the site of Jongejan & Wisseborn, our neighbors).

* Max. Arrive 10 min before the start

* Canteen/changing rooms/showers/toilets are closed

* Make sure you are dressed or have few actions to do so that you are ready for class

* Unfortunately, spectators cannot attend

You can register for the class 72 hours (three days) in advance via the following link:


You have no idea how grateful we are that you have continued to pay these months and how excited we are to see you again (and to hang out, haha!)

We would also like to indicate in this email that we would like to thank Vink Bakker for the risers & we would like to thank Benjamin for realizing the registration system.

Nakamas, see you soon and thank you so much!

We are 1 team and have 1 task, power of friendship


Sensei John, Danique and team Nakama

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What others are saying...

  • Well trained and well-concentrated lesson.

    - Safa

  • Nakama is that real shit to train, really cool!!!

    - Florian

  • Nakama is the place for me to get rid of all the stress of everyday life!

    - Martijn

  • Nakama keeps me fit, I can clear my head, and of course it's great fun to train!

    - Jurgen

  • I train with Nakama because I want to increase my confidence in myself and to know and respect my limits.

    - Hendri

  • A real group where you get to know and push your limits in a safe and pleasant environment under the very pleasant and professional guidance of John Kuipers.

    - Martijn

  • Nice training in a fun group.

    - MIke

  • I always find the lessons very instructive and I can always lose my energy!

    - Fabian

  • Top atmosphere with good guidance where Respect is of paramount importance.

    - Remco

  • Great workout. This way I stay in good shape and a nice group that helps you with that.

    - Frank

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