Nakama Gym

Is a Japanese name for: mate, friend; fellow-thinker, group, companion.

NAKAMA GYM is a gym where people get together to actively engage in sports. We are active in the following classes and trainings: kickboxing/muay thai, judo, karate and MMA (Mixed Martial Arts). NAKAMA has grown and grown by the friendly way of treating each other.

Because of the friendly way we treat each other, the threshold for new members is low and they feel  very welcome. The strength that the group brings in to help each other is a reflection of how we are in life.

A better society begins with yourself!

We as NAKAMA stand for respect, solidarity, friendship and energy.

Great to see you're coming to meet the sport and the character of Nakama Gym!

Contact us for a free trial lesson via Whatsapp or the contact page. You are most welcome and we look forward to seeing you.

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The birth of NAKAMA

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What is kickboxing and MMA anyway?

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What has Nakama Gym to offer?

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