Bring your friend action!

Everything is becoming more expensive, not only we notice that, but you too. That's why we want to offer you a bring your friend promotion!

The 'rules' for this promotion are as follows:
Are you bringing a new Nakama? Then you will receive a one-off 15% discount on the next month that you have to pay the contribution! Are you bringing someone who takes out an unlimited subscription? Then you work out once for free for the next month! How good does that sound?!

Don't wait too long, because this promotion is valid until October 31, 2022!

Let's expand our beautiful team with each other and for each other. Because we are a team, with a task!

Sensei John, Danique and team Nakama

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What others are saying...

  • A real group where you get to know and push your limits in a safe and pleasant environment under the very pleasant and professional guidance of John Kuipers.

    - Martijn

  • Well trained and well-concentrated lesson.

    - Safa

  • Nakama helped me a lot with losing weight, it's a nice group with a lot of respect.

    - Jonathan

  • Great training in a fun environment!

    - Quinten

  • Good structure, well taught. Clear instructions.

    - Roy en Mike de Groot

  • Nakama is the place to clear my mind!

    - Marinda

  • I enjoy training with Nakama because we really work as a team! OSU

    - Anonymous

  • Train hard, fight and push your limits with a very nice team.

    - Richard Vrijhof

  • Always good to train at Nakama, good training, nice group with respect for each other and a fanatical sensei. OSU

    - Bart Smalbrugge

  • To go all in every training, with respect for each other!

    - Bram

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