New rules from Wednesday 3 March - airbikes, kettlebells, squatrack, drumbells and heavy bag!

Dear Nakamas,

The new rules below will come into effect from Wednesday 3 March.

The e-mail took a little longer than you are used to from us, but we received a message from the municipality after the press conference that the tent had to be moved due to. fire safety. Just a bit of bales, lift the tent and continue again. The tent has now been moved! What else does this mean for you? New round of new opportunities, we have transformed the tent even more into a 'weight base'. There is now not only the possibility to use the airbikes and the kettlebells but also the squat rack and all our dumbells.

The youth hours will now take place outside. This applies to all classes except the judo class! This will take place in the tent due to groundwork.

What else is possible? The class up to and including 26 years old will be given from 6 to a quarter to seven on Tuesday and Thursday, this will be a class in which heavy bag training is given in combination with kickboxing ! We'll leave this to Sensei John in its entirety! Make sure you are already dressed as much as possible to start training immediately.

Heavy bag? Yes, you read that right! We will make sure that there will be a scaffolding before Wednesday like last spring/summer so that those over 26 can also do heavy bag training! This scaffolding will be open for you to fill in during all possible times except youth hours/group lessons. So even more space will be created for training!

We would like to ask you, since we are going to use more space on the site, to come by bike as much as possible and if this is absolutely necessary, to park next to the house in front of the building or with our neighbors bailiff Jongejan and Wisseborn. Please keep this in mind, so we don't have a hassle with enforcement!

As always, we are grateful every day for your support and trust, we hope that we can motivate you a little more to exercise yourself or to join the class. Hopefully we will all be training outside again soon and preferably inside!

One team, one task.

Sensei John, Danique and team Nakama

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What others are saying...

  • Martial arts have always fascinated me and I never knew exactly what I wanted until I attended a class from John. I was immediately impressed by his mastery and I trust his vision. Thanks to the efforts of 'the Nakama team' I am proud of my achievements and enjoy my growth.

    - Marc Mik

  • Train hard, fight and push your limits with a very nice team.

    - Richard Vrijhof

  • I enjoy training with Nakama because we really work as a team! OSU

    - Anonymous

  • Nakama keeps me fit, I can clear my head, and of course it's great fun to train!

    - Jurgen

  • Nakama is that real shit to train, really cool!!!

    - Florian

  • Fighting; sometimes against an opponent, often with yourself, but never alone. That's Nakama!

    - Mirthe

  • A good friend is someone with whom you have complete freedom to be yourself and that is what I have at Nakama.

    - Joris Stulp

  • This is what I call real sport! Fitness, technique, self-control and self defense. At Nakama I really go to extremes! The training sessions are given in doses, therefore also very suitable for women!

    - Jessica

  • I always find the lessons very instructive and I can always lose my energy!

    - Fabian

  • Great training in a fun environment!

    - Quinten

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