Corona measures until January 19: the consequences for gyms, new podcasts and the holiday period

Dear Nakamas,

We probably don't have to tell you how fast the new rules are hitting us, just like many of you. Not only because you can't work out now, but also because there will be uncertainties for you too. Unfortunately, as indicated in the press conference that has just taken place, we will have to close from tonight until January 19th.

If there are changes for gyms sooner or if there are other possibilities to offer training, we will let you know. We hope for your understanding that we don't let youth train outside with this weather, it's too cold to kickboxing together, this causes too many injuries and that it is not feasible to teach groups of two people at one and a half meters. We will continue with podcasts as in the previous corona closure. Since we would be closed from December 19 to January 6, we would like to offer you to participate in the podcasts from January 2, we will make the link public so that from then on you only have to watch the Youtube Channel of Nakama Gym to find these workouts!

No matter how hard corona affects us all, we hope from the bottom of our hearts that you realize how important it is that the contribution keeps coming in. We cannot stand if the contribution stops, we hope for your understanding. Of course we understand if there really is no other option and you can't pay the contribution!

Please realize, together we stand and stay strong. Because we are one team, with one task.

We would like to wish you as Nakama, despite everything, a merry Christmas and a happy and above all healthy 2021. Try to make something of it! Stay safe.

Sensei John, Danique and team Nakama

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What others are saying...

  • Always good to train at Nakama, good training, nice group with respect for each other and a fanatical sensei. OSU

    - Bart Smalbrugge

  • I enjoy training with Nakama because we really work as a team! OSU

    - Anonymous

  • Top atmosphere with good guidance where Respect is of paramount importance.

    - Remco

  • This is one of the few gyms where everyone is treated with such respect and pleasure.

    - Wesley & Hero

  • Great training in a fun environment!

    - Quinten

  • Train hard, fight and push your limits with a very nice team.

    - Richard Vrijhof

  • Nice training in a fun group.

    - MIke

  • Nakama to me means de-stressing/relaxing and learning to set goals. Dare to take steps!!! Osu!

    - Marius

  • I always find the lessons very instructive and I can always lose my energy!

    - Fabian

  • It's great to enjoy yourself in this way.

    - Merel

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