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Dear Nakamas,

First of all...

We hope you all continue to be and stay healthy. Because these are still bizarre times and for the time being there is no certainty when Covid-19 will leave us all alone.

End of holiday schedule

From August 31, classes will start again as you are used to, so this will be via the original schedule as indicated on the site: https://www.nakama- . Lessons last one hour instead of three quarters of an hour. The heavy bag training will also be moved indoors again! We would like to ask you to be 'sports ready' as much as possible, so come dressed our way, put your bag above and take your keys / phone / wallet with you into the dojo.

It is also important that you register for the class via (request the link via 0630254475)

  • We only use this information in case someone has been in class, who has been in contact with someone who is infected or who is infected themselves. This way we can approach you all by mail and this will be the shortest and safest way for all of us.
  • When there are people in class who have not registered and we get control, there is a chance that we have to close for 3 months.
  • With complaints or complaints in your close environment, we ask you to stay at home.
  • The rule of 1.5 meters applies in the general area as well as in the changing rooms.

Finger scan

The finger scan has been available on the bar for some time, but we don't think this is the right time to start working with the finger scan. We would like to let you know through this road that we will introduce the scan from January 1.


As indicated in our previous mail, the subscription price will change in some cases from September.

Normally the system is automated, so if it's your birthday and you fall into a different category, this will be changed automatically. Now we have found out that this has not been the case since September. Because this is a system error, we will certainly not get a 'money back', but we would like to name you extra via this email that it is possible that you will pay a little more in September. We hope for your understanding.

I will mention the exact prices below again so that there is no ambiguity about this. Do you have any questions? Then you can always mail to


  • Judo(with care) | €27.50
  • Kickboxing with care | €20
  • Kickboxing 5 to 7 years | €21,50
  • Kickboxing 8 to 10 years | €21,50
  • Kickboxing 11 to 13 years | €29
  • Kickboxing 14 to 16 years | €29

Youth competition fighters pay an extra contribution of 7.50 on top of their normal subscription, this means that the youth competition fighters pay 36.50.

  • Kickboxing from 17 years
  • Once a week on a fixed day | €24
  • 2 times a week on a fixed day | €36.50
  • 3 times a week on a fixed day | €44
  • Unlimited training, varying lessons and fitness | €50
  • Adult competitive fighters (17+) | €50
  • Unlimited fitness during opening hours | €24

Not receiving an email? Send an email with your details to or arrange this directly at the bar at the gym< /p>


Sensei John, Danique & Team Nakama

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What others are saying...

  • Always good to train at Nakama, good training, nice group with respect for each other and a fanatical sensei. OSU

    - Bart Smalbrugge

  • To go all in every training, with respect for each other!

    - Bram

  • I always find the lessons very instructive and I can always lose my energy!

    - Fabian

  • I train with Nakama because I want to increase my confidence in myself and to know and respect my limits.

    - Hendri

  • Nakama is the place to clear my mind!

    - Marinda

  • Train hard, fight and push your limits with a very nice team.

    - Richard Vrijhof

  • Nakama is that real shit to train, really cool!!!

    - Florian

  • A good friend is someone with whom you have complete freedom to be yourself and that is what I have at Nakama.

    - Joris Stulp

  • Nakama is the place for me to get rid of all the stress of everyday life!

    - Martijn

  • Nakama helped me a lot with losing weight, it's a nice group with a lot of respect.

    - Jonathan

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